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Lisbon Cerebral Palsy Association

Social Responsibility

Lisbon Cerebral Palsy Association
Lisbon Cerebral Palsy Association

The Portuguese Association of Cerebral Palsy - Southern Regional Nucleus (APPC-NRS) was founded in Lisbon on July 26, 1960 by a group of parents and technicians, and was the first Association of parents and technicians for people with disabilities created in Portugal, giving rise to several nuclei that were created throughout the country.
With the restructuring of the Regional Nuclei in 2006, the Lisbon Cerebral Palsy Association - APCL, Private Social Solidarity Institution, Non-Profit Public Utility Institution, emerged. In order to meet and respond to the needs of people with cerebral palsy and / or related neurological situations, APCL has a diverse set of social responses at its service.

Our mission is to support the realization of a life project by promoting the maximum development of clients' capabilities;
Provide customers and their families with a peaceful atmosphere (eliminate anguish);
Contribute to the dissemination / awareness of civil society on the issue of disability and cerebral palsy and in particular;
Fight for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities to the full exercise of citizenship.